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UPSers Login – Signup/ Registration Portal at

A Complete Informative UPSers Login Guide: UPS, stands for United Parcel Service and its headquarters is in the United States. It is the largest package delivery company in all over the world and is known for its excellent services. They are known for delivering up to 15 million packages daily.

# What is meant by UPSers? is generally a UPS enterprise employee portal and allows UPS employees for accessing their data online. UPS employees are frequently referred to as UPSers and it gives online access to several services which are the following:

  • Employee discount programs
  • Direct Deposit Paycheck management
  • W-2 forms access
  • Benefits management
  • UPS stock quote
  • UPS local news
  • Available vacations

# What are the requirements for registration on UPSers?

  • For the registration on UPSers, one should be the employee of the UPS. The portal of UPSers is available for the employees in the US, every international UPSers as well as retired UPSers.
  • You will also need a valid User ID and PIN number or password.
  • UPSer is your Employee ID number.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a one-time password that you use during your registration in the official portal of UPSers.

The process for creating PIN is as following:

  • Use First 2 letters of your Last name: For example, Ruiz becomes id
  • Use the last two digits of your Birth year: For example, 1956 becomes 56
  • Use last 2 digits from employee ID: If your employee id is 0055641 use 41
  • Therefore, here the Last name is Ruiz, the born year is 1956 and the employee id is 0055641 then your PIN is “iz5641”.

# What are the steps for UPSers Login?

The UPSers platform is very simple to use. Below are the UPSers login steps which you need to follow for accessing your account.

Step: 1- First you have to access the UPSers portal at in your browser. Make sure you have a high speed of the internet.

Step: 2- Then, select the language in which you want to view the website. At very first, the English language will be set automatically. But, from the drop-down menu, you can choose other languages.

Step: 3- Now you have chosen the language, you can carry on to input your UPSers login credentials.

Step: 4- After this, you will see a login menu, in the center of the login menu, enter your UPSers. User ID or employee ID.

* If you are not an employee of UPS from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, then you will have to enter your IGEMS Employee ID as a substitute for a User ID.

Step: 5- Then in the next field enter your UPSers password. Personal Identification Number is case-sensitive so have to enter the letters in your PIN in lower-case.

Step: 6- Finally, you have to click the “Log In” button for completing the UPSers login process.

# UPSers Login Troubleshooting:

Some important things related to Login Troubleshooting are as following:

  • You should be aware while typing your login credentials in the login menu of the website of UPSers. There are only three attempts to login. After three incorrect attempts, your account will be locked for 15 minutes. So, you have to try once more after this time has elapsed.
  • Turn off your caps lock while entering your PIN as the fields are case sensitive.
  • If you have forgotten your UPS employee account password then you have to click the option of “Forgot Password”. You will be forwarded to the password reset page. Now, you can set your password.

# UPSers Login Guide for Retired Employees:

There is a slightly different process of login for retired Employees of UPSers. Apart from retired employees of UPSers, this is for those also who started working for UPS prior to August, 8th 2015.

  • They will need a User ID (UPSer employee ID). It can be found on their pay stub.
  • If a user is accessing the account for the first time then there will a need to enter of entering PIN also. The PIN for retired UPS employees is a little different.

# UPS Contact Details:

For any question or issues related to your UPS employee login process or UPSers account, you can fill up the UPS tech support form available on the website. Additional contact information is given below:

  • Customer Service Number:1-800-742-5877
  • Website:
  • Address:
  • UPS World Headquarters

55 Glenlake Parkway NE

Atlanta, GA 30328

United States

# Conclusion:

Therefore, we hope that you will find this guide useful. The main purpose of this guide is to give you simple and brief instructions for the process of UPSers login. If you have any feedback or questions then please let us know through your comments.

Brendon Nash

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