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This Is Us Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Story | All You Need To Know

This Is Us has been an all-time modern favorite. With the past four seasons, fans have loved and grown with the Pearsons’ family. While the show is more than entertaining, piecing the flashbacks and flash-forwards has shown brings forward a grim reality for the 

Even though Season 5 hasn’t finished airing yet, Season 6 has been anticipated as the last season ever. Here’s all that we know about the present season and about whether Season 6 would be the last one. 

This Is Us Season 6: Is it going to be the last of the Pearsons’ Family?

Before we get to the bad things, we have good news. This Is Us has been renewed for Season 6! Even before the present season, Season 5, still airing, the series has been renewed for the sixth season. 

Now, for the bad news, Season 6 would be the last one.

This Is Us Season 6: When can we expect to watch Season 6?

Season 5 is expected to finish airing towards early April 2021. Season 5, like the prior seasons, started airing in October 2020. 

With Season 6, we can expect the release of the first episode during October 2021. It could potentially end in early 2022. However, due to the pandemic, it could end up getting delayed for a while. 

This Is Us Season 6: Cast

With the history of the series, it is expected that most of the primary cast would be back as the respective characters. We can definitely see Jack Pearson, Mandy Moore, Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Ron Cephas Jones. 

This Is Us Season 6: Plot

Although the fans are not ready for an end, the ending of the series was coming. When it comes to what to expect from the last season, there are some things that fans would need answers to. 

First things first, Mandy Moore’s character has seen degradation in health. Season 6 would probably answer that. Furthermore, Season 4’s flash-forward showed her character on her “deathbed.” So, it is expected that her fate would unfurl in the last season. 

Additionally, Toby and Kate relationship’s fate would be decided in the last season. Furthermore, the last installment could show exactly what awaits everyone. There are many intertwining stories, which need closures. 

All in all, we can expect the loose ends to be tied up. 

This Is Us Season 6: The Last Instalment, what to expect?

One of the unique things about the series is that it comes with flash-backs and flash-forwards. Unlike other series, this one goes deeper and does not overdo anything. Keeping the balance between the present and the future, This Is Us brings a lot to the fans and viewers. 

That is precisely why the ending of the series would make sense. As per the show’s creators, they knew that they’d end the series around the sixth season. Since the creators knew that beforehand, they’ve been planning for the end. 

In other words, we’re sure to get an ending that we’d definitely love. Although we’re happy with the sixth season’s confirmation, we are sure we’ll feel sad when it ends.


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